Friday, October 31, 2008

Not enough time to write a blog..

Attention to all. I'm very2 sorry because, a l most 1 month I dun't write a blog. Hahah! Really dun't have time. Next week still exam week. Fuhh! so tired, although I dont even study. hahah! Btw, school holiday were around the corner. hahah! I cannot wait! but still, I'm gonna miss my fellows. N my boy n gurl. hahah!. Btw I have met new friends last night who lived in Singapore. He were same age as me. His name is AZMI. N he r dealing with 'O' level right now. Wish him good luck! Dear, I just want to wish u all happy everyday! Insyallah, after exam if I have time. I would write a plenty post! hahah. There's lot much stories I wanna share with u all. But sorry, I can't tell u right know. Because, my mum don't let me online/surfing the internet while me in exam. hahah! btw guys! see u in a few weeks later. I miss u alot! btw thanks for my blog followers. Really appreciate it. Take care. I love you! mwahx


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