Wednesday, February 8, 2017



Dear self, to be honest I felt a bit sorrowful as I opened my "Part 6" folder and saw a folder by the name of "Final Dissert". I am about to enter Part-8 next month, and I am still doing my research, continuing, but this time with a new supervisor. It has been a year since the day I started the academic project. At first I felt sad to think that I am not able to graduate on the same time with my classmate, on the other hand, Allah grant me this one feeling of peace. Allah strengthen my heart Alhamdulillah, I had expected that it isn't my time yet, plus I am too waggy-wiggy take everything too simple.

I am thankful for being the chosen one. I loveeeee the fact that I am still a student, able to enter UiTM Puncak Alam, see the development, able to have me-time in the library, I appreciate every single second. Alhamdulillah. Indeed Allah is The Best Planner!

"I doubt you can finish it."

"You never learnt your lesson Faris, I thought you would change, be better, 6 months Faris, you buat apa?"

"Awak tak bodoh, awak pandai, awak cerdik. Tapi masalah awak adalah komitmen"

Who have thought that I will need to extend a year for my degree, InsyaAllah may this time, I really learn from all the lesson Allah have showed me, like really take it for real. O Allah, I admit I am too duniawi oriented before, and I am extremely grateful for this test, Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

Despite I need to go through the same subject for 2 consecutive semesters (plus 1 more insyaAllah this March), I am thrilled for the adventure, the journey, people that I met, friends that I made, activities that I did with surroundings, I couldn't thank Allah more.

Bak kata Abang Teme Abdullah, "Ia kekal dongeng jika engkau tidak mula berjalan"

So farisfikri, cut the crap out, stop wasting more time, kick-your-ass for real. Dr.Su & Mdm Fish kata "This is your last shot Faris Fikri,"

InsyaAllah I have an appointment with my new supervisor in 9 hours left, and I am trying to finish my Chapter 1-3 amendment to defend my proposal. Please pray that I am consistent with the commitment and momentum to finish what I have started, and may tomorrow (kejap lagi dipermudahkan, moga SV baru yang I never meet before ni lembut hati, sudi membantu dan mentarbiyah farisfikri)

Oh and, this 17Feb will be the day that tells whether or not I need to repeat my OB subject. I have the gut that says I flunk the paper. Whatever it is, I am looking forward to it, if I flunked, InsyaAllah I will makesure I do my superduper best effort next semester, if not the degree scroll won't be mine (because it will be my 3rd Attempt).

For those yang taktahu, UiTM punya academic rules, boleh seat the same paper 3x sahaja. Kalau kali ke-3 fail, tak kisah la pointer 3.99 ke or u are in your final semester ke, automatically gugur taraf, dismiss from the study. Moga diberi kekuatan Iman untuk menempuh segala ujian cabaran dan dugaan dunia ni. Moga lebih dekat dengan Sang Pencipta.

Moga semuaaaaaaaaaaa ilmu yang dipinjamkan memberi manfaat.

Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal.


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