Saturday, May 30, 2009

Exam-Mid Term 2009 tutup tirai sudah..!

Salam. First of all, i want to thanks to all for supporting me. tak lupe juga pade ibunda serta bapakde di rumah or di mane sahaja mereka berada. hahah. melalut pulak. Pokok post ney beno nyew nak share news about EXAM MID DA TAMAT MEYH! hahah. but still, i didn't feel any feeling yang best nak coti. hahah. two weeks holiday, hoping my mind da aturkan segale mase yang ade nanti. aminnn. Well i didn't get the result for my mid-term yet. Nanti da dapat i share yee. hahah! nanti kite sesame buat calculus, naik turun graf and others. Fuhhh, tige minggu bersengkang mate, hoping i will get good result. Amiinn. Plus, if i get much better result, i nak hadiahkan result mid tuh to my mum sempena Mother's Day. hahah. And also not forgeting my daddy!. heee. aiyakk da mule da berangan-angan. Moga2 jadi kenyataan. Aminnn. heheh.

Erm, yesterday hari thursday, my school celebrate Teacher's Day. Pastuh tadik sambung exam. ape punyer planner la. hari kames lompat2 hari jumaat exam balek. adoiyai. papepon, inysaAllah i will never lupekan ape yang happen kat dewan Ibnu Khaldun. Ouhh sungguh banyak kenangan yang akan tergiang-giang di otak fikiran nanti. I'm sure will miss sume. My school ade form6. so i doubted, after spm na enter form6 ke tak? but some of my teachers told us, form6 susah siket. humm..don't la dear. takan pikir pasal mende tuh lagy buat mase nie. heheh.

Well, esok pepagy, actually pagy jap lagy. my family nak balek kampong. tapi tak sume, my mum, me, kak wati and my 2nd bro je yang balek. my sis and my 1st bro ta balek. huuu. my mum punyer cousin wedd. heheh. da lame ta balek kampong! tapi bosan la balek kuantan without my sis. nanti i nak borak2 dengan sape? my cousin sume balek ke? haiyaaa. btw balek kampong kejap jaa. ahad/senin pulang sini balek. ;]

Kris Allen!!! the winner for American Idol season-8. hahah. congrats to him. yeahh yeahhh. i loved him! hahah. his voice sooo sweet. hahah memandai je. eyhh its a fact! cube search bape banyak ribu juta billion people vote for Kris Allen. Adam Lambert, not bad la. But i like Kris Allen much more. Sudah punya lagu 'No Boundaries' by Kris Allen? dapatkan sekarang! ahahh. ;]

Inconclusion, di sini ingin ku kongsi gambar-gambaran sepanjang ke-tidak online-ku. wahahhah!


SMK Taman Tasik, Ampang
2009 will be in our memories!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bye-Bye Whitebird

Tadi pagy pegy anta kakak pegy posting di Ipoh Specialist Hospital. Die dok sane 2month. Take care! Jumpa July nunty yaa! LOve you! don't cry2 yehh. Kalau miss ktorg, negok la gmba2 yg akak snap tadik! ;] do pray for my studies! tgh exam nehh. mid-term. heheh. see you soon. Assalamualaikum.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009


Try have a few minutes to look outside at the sky around 2200-2300. Do you notice anything different? well there is. Look at the sky, there are presence of WHITE CLOUDS!. Usually, in the night, at the sky there's only dark and presence of moon + stars. But tonight little bit different. I am quite impressive. Terpegun.. Ouhhh! Pity me. the 'family camera' not in my hand. My 1st bro took it last two weeks. Ouhh! such a beautiful view! humm if you get/got/took the pictures especially when the clouds are under the moon, do please send it to me, and share with others. by the way, i'm wondering why the clouds move rapidly/fast? maybe because of the wind? IDK. (i don't know). better ask the expert!

Alang2 da ter-online neyh. Just wanna tell you, my mid-exam gonna held on next tuesday. so do wish me goodluck and pass all subjects! aminnn. ;]


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