Monday, May 4, 2009


Try have a few minutes to look outside at the sky around 2200-2300. Do you notice anything different? well there is. Look at the sky, there are presence of WHITE CLOUDS!. Usually, in the night, at the sky there's only dark and presence of moon + stars. But tonight little bit different. I am quite impressive. Terpegun.. Ouhhh! Pity me. the 'family camera' not in my hand. My 1st bro took it last two weeks. Ouhh! such a beautiful view! humm if you get/got/took the pictures especially when the clouds are under the moon, do please send it to me, and share with others. by the way, i'm wondering why the clouds move rapidly/fast? maybe because of the wind? IDK. (i don't know). better ask the expert!

Alang2 da ter-online neyh. Just wanna tell you, my mid-exam gonna held on next tuesday. so do wish me goodluck and pass all subjects! aminnn. ;]


Puteri Asha said...

x blh blah r...ada ke istilah ter-online....nie 1st time aq dgr....

Anonymous said...

of course laa wind factor sbb awan gerak laju..n juge mass of that clouds..

saye kerink said...

aish nana!
macam ta pena dgr lak.


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