Sunday, July 17, 2011

Zoo Negara! (16/7/2011)

Last saturday, we went to the National Zoo. It was awesome!!! We took tons of photograph to capture every second of the memories. Haha! We spent approximately 5 hours in the National Zoo. From 10.30 a.m. till 3.30 p.m. Thank you so much guys for inviting me to join you! And now let the photograph do the visualizing. ;]

We ate our lunch at the pondok nearby, the nasi lemak was prepared by Zamir's father. Thank you Uncle Zafri! ;]

END. ;]

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Handle it.

You stand in the line just to hit a new low
You're faking a smile with the coffee to go
You tell me your life's been way off line
You're falling to pieces everytime
And I don't need no carryin' on

Bad things happen to you lately? Keep holding on. Good news will come. Just wait and pray. You felt awful when it happened didn't you? If you really need to fake a smile, go ahead! Calm yourself, do things that you love most. Things that can make your mood become OKAY again. Forget about those 'erkk'. If you hold it too long, you will get stress.

Avoid from getting stress. You will waste your day. THAT particular day will not gonna come again. It won't. Just put aside those 'erkk'. Start by faking A smile. You will feel relieve A BIT. Stop thinking about the 'erkk', you will be sad if you did. Triumph and disaster. Heard about this words years ago. During secondary school, in literature class. Ever heard about poem, IF, ? Haha i do not know either it has connection with this entry or not. It just came out from my mind. heeee

Whatever you are dealing with, do what you have to do, relevantly. Let your mind control you, and not your anger/sadness. Cheers! ;]

H*** yeah !

Just now, i read about things that happen, i mean, politically. Bersih, government, every thing around. At one moment, my tears fell down. Now i know what is happening around me. But not all, just few stories.. The article aren't on either sides. Which, i kind of like this kind of article. All this time, i ignored those such things. I mean, i don't care about politics. Because i do not understand politic. I don't know who to believe. And if i can, i don't want to go for selection whatsoever.

Enough of me knowing what happens around. I'm curios, how my friends could know such knowledge about the world, about what happen around.. I admire them.. I'm lack of those kind of knowledge, i need to gain them. ;]

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just for gags #1

Pagi! Jam menunjukkan pukul 2.34 pagi. Saya baru online okayyy. 1jam yang lepas. Tadi duduk marathon CHUCK 4 dengan roomate. Tak habis lagi. Baru sampai episode 14. Another 10 episode to go. Huuuu!

'Peanut butter'... 'Ain't no bother'

'Here we come, here we go'... 'Easy come, easy go'

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE? haha. On the right side is the real word, while on the left side is what i heard. I mean, what i said from what i heard. You know,you heard they said that word but in the end, it's not that word. Totally different meaning, but their tone are almost the same.

Give it a try! Try to say it out loud. I mean, those words above, on the left. Laju laju. You will find yourself slightly saying the same words as on the right. Right? Haha. Okay laugh la korang.

All this time, i thought it is.. Peanut butter, uh, chacing2! hahaha. Maluuuu! Nasib baik tak lari sangat kan. Although the meaning sangat-sangat-sangat la lain. Haha. No wonder i felt weird saying PEANUT BUTTER dalam lagu Price Tag. Macam tak ada kena mengena langsung. Okay memang tak ada pun.

Well, need to wake up early tomorrow! Kena turun at 7 o'clock. Tolong teammates pasang pita-pelekat untuk gelanggang badminton. Good Night peeps!! Assalamualaikum ;]

p/s; ah, ini merupakan entry yang ke-400 sepanjang 4 tahun berblogging. ;]

Friday, July 8, 2011

Monolog 2

*gambar waktu Sukan Rakyat SCISIS ahad lepas.

Awak kita kena study la sebenarnya awak. Kerja dah bertambah-tambah ni. Habis kelas tadi berkobar-kobar nak study malam ni. tuptup bukak laptop yee farisfikri! Esok kelas pukul 10-11am. Hum. Taknak tidur ke? Sekarang pukul 3 pagi dah. Pukul berapa nak off laptop? Then study okay? then baru tidur. uh uh! Ganbatte!! (rindu pulak nihongo..) ;]

Manglish 1

As Salam. Hai! Lately ni, kalau online, it has been such a routine for me to open LOMOGRAPHY official website to get the updates, tipster, etc. Its fun! I really like it.

Once connected to the net, 1st thing 1st, facebook, lomography, then the others. Uhm. Life seems so far so good. haha. Next week i have physics & biology test. Huuu.. Which fall on Monday & Tuesday. Great! Need to add some flavor to my physics 'drink' in order to make it delicious! For biology, ouhh... my brain is not that BIO. Either i like it or not, need to face it. Tissue, tissue, tissue, please be nice to me this weekends! THANK YOU ;]

8 days left! Then its mid-semester break!!! YAHOOOOO!! Can't wait for it to arrived! haha. Ah i would like to say, that I AM PROUD OF ADEK EIJAT! congrats sebab managed untuk sambung belajar dalam bidang yang awak minat. Belajar betul2! I'm happy for you bro! The best of luck for your journey

Okay okay my english sangat bosan. Hum. I like the way my english lecturer trying to help us by doing speaking practice every week, group by group la. 4 student per group. It really help us, a lot. Just need to practice more and more and more. I am weak in choosing a suitable word,, senang cerita lack of vocabulary la. People used to say, READ can improve your english. Well in my case, i do read english books, and it is interesting! The problem is, i cannot remember what i read. Got it? Just certain vocab that i can barely remember. Others, just gone with the wind. Any other suggestion?

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Now i realized junior semester ni sangat ramai nama FARIS. Minggu ni banyak kali rasa malu/segan sebab selalu dengar orang panggil FARIS, dan saye pandang. Okay bukan saye. Hah. Sekarang dah mind set, kalau orang panggil FARIS FIKRI baru toleh. Need to get used with people surrounding yang penuh dengan nama faris. Okay takde la penuh, just selama ni tak berapa biasa dengar orang panggil faris yang bukan saye.

Okay tipu. Waktu sekolah dulu ada tiga orang FARIS jugak. Faris Fikri, Faris Seny dengan Faris apetah. Bila masuk uitm je rasa tenang sikit sebab takde orang nama sama. Okay tipu lagi. Ada, waktu 1st sem, Faris Fitri. Hambik kau lagi dekat.

Korang ! Stick panggil aku FF okay? Baru la lain sikit. Jangan nanti tiba-tiba ada budak lain muncul dengan nickname FF sudah la. Okay esok ada LDK, stand for Latihan dalam kumpulan. Every semester students UiTM need to attend. It is Compulsory. Nak tidur pukul berapa ye faris fikri? ;]

Now i realized junior semester ni sangat ramai nama FARIS. Minggu ni banyak kali rasa malu/segan sebab selalu dengar orang panggil FARIS, dan saye pandang. Okay bukan saye. Hah. Sekarang dah mind set, kalau orang panggil FARIS FIKRI baru toleh. Need to get used


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