Friday, July 8, 2011

Manglish 1

As Salam. Hai! Lately ni, kalau online, it has been such a routine for me to open LOMOGRAPHY official website to get the updates, tipster, etc. Its fun! I really like it.

Once connected to the net, 1st thing 1st, facebook, lomography, then the others. Uhm. Life seems so far so good. haha. Next week i have physics & biology test. Huuu.. Which fall on Monday & Tuesday. Great! Need to add some flavor to my physics 'drink' in order to make it delicious! For biology, ouhh... my brain is not that BIO. Either i like it or not, need to face it. Tissue, tissue, tissue, please be nice to me this weekends! THANK YOU ;]

8 days left! Then its mid-semester break!!! YAHOOOOO!! Can't wait for it to arrived! haha. Ah i would like to say, that I AM PROUD OF ADEK EIJAT! congrats sebab managed untuk sambung belajar dalam bidang yang awak minat. Belajar betul2! I'm happy for you bro! The best of luck for your journey

Okay okay my english sangat bosan. Hum. I like the way my english lecturer trying to help us by doing speaking practice every week, group by group la. 4 student per group. It really help us, a lot. Just need to practice more and more and more. I am weak in choosing a suitable word,, senang cerita lack of vocabulary la. People used to say, READ can improve your english. Well in my case, i do read english books, and it is interesting! The problem is, i cannot remember what i read. Got it? Just certain vocab that i can barely remember. Others, just gone with the wind. Any other suggestion?

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