Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just for gags #1

Pagi! Jam menunjukkan pukul 2.34 pagi. Saya baru online okayyy. 1jam yang lepas. Tadi duduk marathon CHUCK 4 dengan roomate. Tak habis lagi. Baru sampai episode 14. Another 10 episode to go. Huuuu!

'Peanut butter'... 'Ain't no bother'

'Here we come, here we go'... 'Easy come, easy go'

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE? haha. On the right side is the real word, while on the left side is what i heard. I mean, what i said from what i heard. You know,you heard they said that word but in the end, it's not that word. Totally different meaning, but their tone are almost the same.

Give it a try! Try to say it out loud. I mean, those words above, on the left. Laju laju. You will find yourself slightly saying the same words as on the right. Right? Haha. Okay laugh la korang.

All this time, i thought it is.. Peanut butter, uh, chacing2! hahaha. Maluuuu! Nasib baik tak lari sangat kan. Although the meaning sangat-sangat-sangat la lain. Haha. No wonder i felt weird saying PEANUT BUTTER dalam lagu Price Tag. Macam tak ada kena mengena langsung. Okay memang tak ada pun.

Well, need to wake up early tomorrow! Kena turun at 7 o'clock. Tolong teammates pasang pita-pelekat untuk gelanggang badminton. Good Night peeps!! Assalamualaikum ;]

p/s; ah, ini merupakan entry yang ke-400 sepanjang 4 tahun berblogging. ;]

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