Friday, July 31, 2009

Test2 next weeek!
need to prepare. ;[

p/s; wish me luck!thanks
Once upon a time in 5 Science 2 class, there is a teacher and her students. The teacher known as Mrs.H. While the student is doing their exercise given by Mrs.H, suddenly they heard sounds “Ahhhhhhh...” all pens are stopped and the student face turn to where the sound came from. Then they heard it again "Ahhhhhhhh...” the student face became more wrinkles. Then again Mrs.H screams with a high pitch "Ahhhhhhh..." what happen??? The student already became E=mc2. Later Ah Hong came in to the class. Everyone looked at him. He asked why you all starring at me? Then the whole class said TEACHER WAS CALLING YOU LAA..haha

New student !

photo by sseme

Salam. hahah. well last monday (27th July 2009) our school has/have a new student. Actually he is an EXCHANGE STUDENT from Jerman. His name is JONAS. hahah. I knew his name from my teachers. He is 16 years old. He accommodated(ditempatkan) in 4 Science 1. He is really-really clever(i think.) because my teacher told me that only for those student who is clever in all thing(academic+other(s)) will be selected for the exchange student programme.

Then i ask my teacher, why our school didn't send anyone? Then my teacher told me that no one are eligible to go for the exchange student. Huh? why they didn't send Koo Chee Hung who is the most clever student in form5. He got straight A1's in every single test or exams. Maybe he already form5. too late. hahah.

By the way, back to our main story. My friends told me that JONAS can't speak english well. heh? i didn't believe them la. how come he can't speak english well. I believe that his english is good enough. ;]

Besides that, i am sympathy with JONAS. why? because where ever he go, whatever he do, people will always looking at him like he is a strangers. Yeayea maybe because he is blonde. Plus, people always asking him lots of questions. Even while he is eating, there will be a bunch of student crowded round.

On the other hand, i never talk or have a conference with him. I'm just looking and smiling at him while my friends asking him some Q. Well, most of the science student didn't really disturb or care about JONAS. Just take it as regular feature. I know this is the first time blonde student come to our school. But we didn't react like others, keep jumping in front of him, keep covering their physical looking(face,cloth,hair,etc), just want to be around him. Hello! we got our own life. Besides, SPM is around the corner.

Last but not least, i would like to attach JONAS picture for your show. Unfortunetly, i didn't have any of his picture. hahah. sorry yaa. ;] END.



This post are special for muslims only. Friend of mine which is my best friend is/are requesting for our help. Regarding to her friend which are lying/outstretched on bed right now because he has a disease, a very-very dangerous disease. She requesting for those who willing to help, do prays for ENGKU ZAIM ISKANDAR in your prayers and while you are praying solat hajat do pray for Engku. May he will keep surviving from his disease. Aminn. and thanks! ;]

Here i include the copy&paste from the original statement;

"salam. saya ingin meminta bantuan kalian untuk sama2 mendoakan keselamatan orang yg saya sayangi, engku zaim iskandar kerana beliau mengidapi penyakit berbahaya. saya pinta kalian sama2 melakukan solat hajat untuknya dan berdoa kepada Allah untuk memulihkan beliau kepada keadaan sedia kala. walaupun beliau hanya seorang teman, tetapi saya mharapkan belas ehsan anda semua untuk sama2 mendoakan keselamatan beliau. terima kasih T_T" by nianio

Sunday, July 26, 2009

2D comes true!

Salam.hahah. Quite long time i didn't update my blog. well today i'm proudly want to tell all of you that our class tshirt has/have/had become reality on 22nd July 2009. Haha. so happy. For us, its so cute, simple, beauty, nice. Although there's presence of few picture that aren't suitable for under18. Not sexs or others. it just a photo of a couple. boy and girl, hugging. Our big boss (our class teacher) said that she aren't agreed with the picture. but she likes the design for the whole tshirt. And she is/are/was dissapointed with us, because we already ask for her opinion about the design and she told us to replace the picture. We are so sorry teacher. It just we are teenagers, for us the picture is nothing. Just a picture. The picture doesn't mean that we are like that. Absolutely NO! And i admit, we didn't prepare the Plan B.

We didn't ever think about plan B. And yes, i also admit that we didn't think decently. After the tshirt printed and send to us, teacher realized that we didn't change the picture. And from that day on, we knew that next time if we want to make a design for tshirt, we must think rasionally and decently. Do the tshirt are suitable for high school student? Do parents will wondering who gave the permission to printed out the design on their child tshirt? Do the tshirt are suitable to go to mosque? And others. I hope all of us take this as a pengajaran. Hope next time we didn't repeat the same mistake twice. ;]

On the other hand, the tshirt for me is so colourful. At first it looks like others tshirt, then when i looked at the tshirt for a long period and saw my friends wearing it. It looks so different. I'm loving it. hahah. But so sad, we also forgot to put our big boss name. heee. sorry again. Actually big boss name are there. but we can't see it through our naked eyes. hahah. because it is TRANSPARENT. heee. ;]

Last but not least, here i include few of our class tshirt. ;]



p/s; Yasmin Ahmad passed away on 25th July 2009 at 11.25 p.m. May Allah s.w.t. blessed her. Aminn. Al-Fatihah

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just got back from BTN Lipis Camp.

Salam. Just got back from 'Kem Bina Negara Kuala Lipis'. The place was so beautiful and peaceful. And the camp brings back our patriotisms spirit. I will always miss our facilitator that had helped us while we were there. Thank you! I don't know when we will come back there. We miss the camp site. We miss our dorm. We miss the environment. We miss the schedule. Hoping one day we will meet again. Thank you so much.

Kursus Bina Negara (ASAS),
Pelajar Tingkatan 5 & 6
SMK Taman Tasik Ampang, Selangor
Pada 02 - 05 July 2009
Bertempat di Kem Bina Negara Lipis, Pahang

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Photo by ificutmyhairirelandwillsink
Salam. uwaaa! I did not been chose to attend PLKN 7/2010. Some people HAPPY when their name didn't listed. Me? I felt so disappointed. Why? whyyyy? I am willing to go to PLKN. but why they didn't put me on the list? If you can see, MOST of the student that been chose dislike to go. Why? I also do not know. But the fact is, there’s plenty of student that are willing to go but their name aren't been chosen. So SAD! such as me. I felt disappointed when 'they' told me that 'Maaf, Anda tiada dalam senarai'. They sooo evil! How could they? I really-really want to attend PLKN 1st session for series 7/2010. ;[


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