Friday, July 31, 2009

Once upon a time in 5 Science 2 class, there is a teacher and her students. The teacher known as Mrs.H. While the student is doing their exercise given by Mrs.H, suddenly they heard sounds “Ahhhhhhh...” all pens are stopped and the student face turn to where the sound came from. Then they heard it again "Ahhhhhhhh...” the student face became more wrinkles. Then again Mrs.H screams with a high pitch "Ahhhhhhh..." what happen??? The student already became E=mc2. Later Ah Hong came in to the class. Everyone looked at him. He asked why you all starring at me? Then the whole class said TEACHER WAS CALLING YOU LAA..haha


Azura Yasin said...

tak paham =_=

saye kerink said...

mcm ney.
arituh ckgu ktorg.
die sebot "ahhhhhh.." tiga kalik dlm tone yg mcm mengoda.
u know "ah ah ah" ?
haaa like that ma.
not clear yet?
like this, it sounds like women having sexs. u know what i mean?
haa good. ;]

Azura Yasin said...

thing is, why she had to use that tone if she just wanted to call her student, and that ah hong wasnt in the class at the first place pun kan?
err was this intended to be a funny story? sorry i just dont get it XD

saye kerink said...

hahah.actually like this.
ah hong went outside of the class.
then teacher want to call him to tell him to enter the class back.
but i also dunno why teacher calling him like that (sexy tone).
hahah thats why we are surprising and then we laugh.
we didn't care much.
besides, she is our class teacher
and she already menopause(opss!) hahah.
and she also the an open minded person.
like her students also! hee ;]

Anonymous said...

oit2 sygs.. u hav to improve ur english jugak k. im proud to hav u as my beshtie :) u noe wat, all ur posts r realy interesting. -.-'


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