Wednesday, July 1, 2009


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Salam. uwaaa! I did not been chose to attend PLKN 7/2010. Some people HAPPY when their name didn't listed. Me? I felt so disappointed. Why? whyyyy? I am willing to go to PLKN. but why they didn't put me on the list? If you can see, MOST of the student that been chose dislike to go. Why? I also do not know. But the fact is, there’s plenty of student that are willing to go but their name aren't been chosen. So SAD! such as me. I felt disappointed when 'they' told me that 'Maaf, Anda tiada dalam senarai'. They sooo evil! How could they? I really-really want to attend PLKN 1st session for series 7/2010. ;[


Yayaa said...

awww, kesian kau weyh. aku nk pegi jugak, tapi takde lah nk sgt kan. andd, aku tk dpt pon (:

Zana said...

faris...mohon la...
dont be like this r...
doa2 jew mn taw jd mcm mira....byk kali check br dpt...

saye kerink said...

salam yaya,
hahha!dodowl.tuh r pasal.
rugy weyh kalo ta pegy.
pengalaman yg begitu precious.
ouhh so ko,ako and nia ta dpt sume.
nia heppi giler die ta dpt.
ko pon seakan2 50/50.
ako?hahah.50/50 jugak.

saye kerink said...

salam nana,
heh?mira tuh mmg dapat la.
dodowl.ako pon check bebnyk pon.
still ta dpt.
tape la.tengok je la nanti.


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