Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a wonderfull day!

Today, i met someone. Actually not new friend. I know him since january 2008. hahah. When first time I met him in the bus. RapidKL U30. hahah! around 0000-0030 something. waktu tuh mase balek keje. well. last year kan I keje coti skola. so terjumpe die. hahah. the way we met is quite funny. hahah! Well. hari ney jumpe die sekali lagyk setelah 9month xjumpe. hahah! lame gak n? by the way, seronok lepak dengan die. P umah die, then berkenalan dgn family dier. Sibling die sume muke handsome n pretty. N muke dowg like ade mix chinese. not bad. family die best! hahah. What a wonderfull day! thank you so much cuz u make my day colourful! ngee~! by the way, my final exam dah habess! hahah. finish already. i'm free now! hahah. Although my result isn't ok. hahah! crazy.dum.dim.!

exam dah habess! hip.hip hooray!! ;]

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