Thursday, January 29, 2009

Six Secrets to Success

These secrets to success hold true whether you're seeking success in business, athletics, art, politics or just in your personal life. They need to be "top of mind" and referred to every day as guiding principles.

First, you must believe you are lucky. Consider the fact that there are five billion people on the face of the earth, and only 250 million, or one in 20 people, are lucky enough to be Malaysians and to enjoy the gifts of freedom and opportunity.

Second, you have to be a dreamer, and dream bold dreams. You can do and be anything you dream. Remember, all great achievements in life are the result of someone dreaming. You too can dream and achieve, if you choose to.

Third, you must be enthusiastic. "I will" is more important in life than "IQ". You must have the energy and spirit to achieve, and when you mix enthusiams with your dreams, you're on your way to being successful. It's like pouring lighter fluid on a fire!

Fourth, don't be afraid to fail. Remember, you fell down the first time you walked. Even the great success stories started with failures. Babe Ruth struck out 1,330 times. Thomas Edison failed 548 times before inventing the light bulb. Don't give up, and don't fear failure. It's better to try and fail than to not try at all. You can't learn without failing.

Fifth, you must believe in yourself. A high level of self-esteem is critical to personal success. Don't confuse this with egotism. To succeed you must think you can succeed and have self-confidence. Accept yourslef as you are, improve where you think necessary , and make the most of your God-given talents.

Finally, believe that a supreme being loves you and believes in you, just as you believe in yourself. Remember, you never walk alone. This is not a religious issue, but an issue of success versus failure. I've made a life's work of studying success and I have never yet met a successful person who didn't accept the love of a higher being. It was from that basic belief that they drew thier strength, thier courage and wisdom.

President & CEO
Fuqua Industries, Inc.

p/s; sekarang de kat library national, hahah! tetibe lak terjumpe buku YOU CAN DO IT!. try carik mesin photostat. xde plak, computer je belambak. so salin kat blog sajalahh. heheh! papepon kerink suke articles neyh. memang padan! ;]

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