Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year!! 2009 here i come!!

salam. yeahhh. tinggal few more days before 2008 tutop tirai. me? gonna be 17 yrs old. and i'm gonna be senior. wahhh! ta sangke. dah hampir 5 taon kerink skola kat situ. memacam da jadik. tiap2 taon lelaen senior until i become the senior. tp xbrape agong di julang2 sangat. cuz skola kerink ade budak form6. so form5 still xleh bermaharajelela. hahah! papepon. lepas abeh skola nunty. i'm sure i'm gonna miss school a lot!. tp before leaving the school, there's a few halangan yg perlu di atasi serta di lalui. hahah! hummp! dunno whether i'm ready or not. btw rituh kan. kerink amek buku report card kat skola. then i got number 17 over 29. hahah! dodowl je. then kerink failed 3 subject, chem,bio and addmath. physic n math cukop2 makan je. hahah! papepon i'm still greatfull/grateful dpt result cenggitu. hahah! fyi, dah lame kerink ta dpt number 20 and below. heee. semenjak masok skola menengah. asek dpt 20 and above je. dulu time skola rendah kerink slalo dpt no. around 10-19. xpenah lebey xpenah kurang. masok je skola menengah. merosot teros. mule2 agak sedey. lame2 dah biase. papepon rase heppi cuz dpt kembali ke number belasan. hahah! and i'll trying to make it constant or maju ke hadapan. hahah! in my whole life. i never got top10. never. so next year i'm gonna push hard2 to beat others. hahah! caiyok2! hummp. masok next year my life gonna be little bit boring, and lot of work to do. so as usual my mum ta kasik online weekdays. only weekends je buleyh online. hahah! i wish my mum control me tightly. hahah! dunno why, but i really2 need to be more displine. lalalala. dunno nak write pe lagyk. lastly, to all my friends HAPPY NEW YEAR. May your life be more colourful and full with hapiness and no stress or tension. just be cool and smile always! And to all SPM n PMR candidate '09. good luck! study smart and study hard makes perfect! May God Bless You. Assalamualaikum.

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