Sunday, February 8, 2009

by time pass by..

salam. yeahh pagi tadik sy pegy skola. ade memcm test. sume sy failed. hahah! sy xrety spike, surf atas, and game. sy rety digging je. hahah! papepon best gak exercise. have fun pade hujung minggu. sambil2 have fun, terlupe plak pasal homework yg mcm gunong tuh. hahah. ecok da senin. tuituitui. papepon conclusion for this morning is 'i got the interest in volley balls, but i do not have the talent to be a player' ta? reka sndri tuh! ;]

p/s;sebeno nyew de bnyk nk tulis. tp time is running out. so i i'll update it later oke! cheers!

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