Tuesday, March 17, 2009

study study study

salam. i really2 need to study. need to work harder! ya allah, please help me. i really2 need your help. i want to do my best. i want to study abroad. i want to make my family proud of me. i want to get straight A's. i doubted. i'm afraid. feelin lyke want to give up. but i wont! ohh my friends! do support me. i love you guys damn much. i love myself more harder.

p/s; God, long time didnt update my blog.sorry fella. ;]


Anonymous said...

of course we'll suport u..!
go go chaiyok !

saye kerink said...

eii cbok je ouh c purple ney.
hey bitch! ako tujukan post ney ntok mmbr2 ako yg len la.
not u.f*ck*r!


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