Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Should I do?

Salam. Every time when i got semangat to study, my mum always there watching me. Actually, i doesn't like my mum or my dad watching me study. Because i don't want them to label me as 'GOOD SON' just because they saw me studing. Actually, i prefer my parents to ignore me. Just like always. They busy working and others. I love to study when my mood is ON and when my parents are not home. Because i prefer study senyap2. I don't want my parents really2 hoping me to success when they saw me studing. I'm afraid that i will let them down. Thats why i doesn't like they watching me. seeing me study. But somehow, no matter what i do or done or watever, every time i want and need and demand to study, my mum always there beside, between, above, under, towards me. Ohh! what should i do? is it ok if our parents see/saw/watch we studiin? I dislike it, better they didn't see me studiin. If i get good results, let it be suprise. I need to be brave to success! Go Mohd Faris Fikri anak pakcik Rusli and aunty Rohizan also lil bro to ms Nadia, mr Edy and mr Adli. You can do it! yey! ;] (pura2 gumbiraa)

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