Friday, April 17, 2009

Fly to the sky

Assalamualaikum, Afternoon. How are you? Miss me? hahah! yeahh long time didn't update my blog. Well, lots of things happened to me and around me in last month and few weeks lepas. By the way before i continue my blogging, i want to ask you something. Do the picture on the top look nice? do you ever wonder who took it? heheh. Well, proudly its me! I took the picture yesterday around 6.30 p.m. onwards. Look nice isnt it? hahah. Yesterday i didn't go to school. Why? maybe lazynest?woke up late? whatever. My bestfriends all asking me like i'm the intruders. Why u didn't go to school?are u sick? No i'm not. I'm fine. Don't worry about me. By the way thanks for being tooo concern about me. ;] love you.

Today, went to school as usual. At physic class i ignore whatever teacher said. I went at the back, sitting with the 'back' student. Talking, Laughing, Reading newspaper, doing nothing. After physic class end. I went back to my place, at the FRONT. Searching for my admet textbook. And it suddenly GONE! I looked around, ask my friends and they said that they didn't see it. Although i put my exercise and my note book inside the textbook and i put the textbook on my table but the only left are my exercise n note book, the textbook MIA. I asked everyone in that class, but still didn't found it. I wonder who took my textbook?please i'm begging you, return it back to me. I promise you i wouldn't harm you. And i will forgive you if u return it back to me. I just want my textbook back, it is my own textbook came from my sister (turun temurun). And it got my sister name on it. Nadia Safirah Bt Rusli. Whoever see/saw additional mathematics textbook form5 and got my sister name on it, please return it back to me. Thank you soo much!

Last saturday, my school ade 'Pertandingan Kawad Kaki Peringkat Sekolah 2009'. This year is an exciting year. And make history in my school, because this year competition terdapat 10 platuns from each uniform take place/part. 5 platuns are GO and other 5 are NGO. Usually, while i'm in form1 until form4, only 3-5 platuns take part. But this year as my final year, PK Ko-Ko forced all unit uniform to take place. Thank you teacher! Well, these are the list of the uniform that took part in the competition;

  1. Kadet Pertahanan Awam *mine
  2. Kadet Remaja Sekolah
  3. Kadet Polis
  4. Kadet Bomba
  5. Kadet Koreksional
  6. St.John Ambulance
  7. PBSM
  8. Puteri Islam
  9. Pengakap (Scouts 22)
  10. Pandu Puteri.
Well, the winner for GO catagory is as usual Kadet Pertahanan Awam! 2nd place, Kadet Polis(they s*ck!), 3rd place, our best-friends Kadet Remaja Sekolah, give them a big clap!! For NGO catagory, the winner is Puteri Islam, 2nd place St.John Ambulance? , 3rd place PBSM?Pandu Puteri? i didn't remember.hehe ;]. Actually i want to post this blog with the video of Kadet Pertahanan Awam and Kadet Remaja kawad. but i don't know why, i already tried for the past few days, still couldn't upload the video at/in Youtube. so sad. ;[

Will be in memory ; KPA n KRS together! 2009
p/s; the gurl that jumping is my classmate, Khairunnisa! ;p

That night, Kelab Kebudayaan went to 'Malam Manifestasi Seni UKM 2009'. Not bad, their performance agak memukau. hahah! but this year down little, i most love 'Malam Manifestasi Seni 2007'. More excitement! hahah. Btw congrats to all mahasiswa n mahasiswa semester-2.

*sorry guys, candit meh! (most of them are form4)

**Lastly, In conclusion, no more ideas to talk/write/type about. I just want to promote DO COME TO BOOK FAIR 2009 at PWTC starting TODAY! till next week! come on, lets buy some books! Once a year(hehe). Who want to follow me tommorow?


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