Friday, April 24, 2009

Summary about Yesterday..

Di sebabkn cite neh da satu hari basi. so sy cite summary je r. otak ta bulih na mengramatiskn ayat-ayat pendek cite tuh.

Well, yesterday at chemistry lab, our class was doing an experiment. Just a simple experiment that only use sulphuric acid and sodium thiosulphate solution. Well, while we're doing the experiment, i went to front to fill up the measuring cylinder with 50cm3 then suddenly, the 1st group scream and make all of us shock and stared at the group one table. What happen? their boiling solution suddenly fell down from the retort stand and spread rapidly. hahah! but thanks god, no one hurt.

Five minutes later, after i filled the sodium thiosulphate into the measuring cylinder, someone fell down! who is it? yes, thats me! hahah. thanks to God nothing serious happen, the sodium thiosuphate solution fly-fly and away and splash on Siak Hong and Yin Lee cloth! poor them, sorry! and thank God because Na2S2O3 didn't bring any dangerous effect. hahah. by the way, those people who saw me fell, they said that i was spinning around while my hand di arahkn ke atas serta holding tight the measuring cylinder. Why i'm holding tight the measuring cylinder? because teacher said that if any apparatus missing/broken/crack, our class have to pay for it. hahah. lucky me. Plus! thanks to God again because saye jatuh terduduk. well, saye tak malu sangat cuz last year i also fell in my class and spinning like a ballet dancer only because one of my leg stuck under a chair. The same cause at different year. hahah. bebel sajaa.

Then! 5 minutes later, Nisa terpecahkan thermometer. Luckyly, she didn't touch the mercury. The mercury suddenly missing. hahah! And lucky us, teacher didn't told us to pay for the thermometer. Fuuhhh! what a bad day at chemistry lab. the end.

p/s; ampun maaf dipinta sekira nya sy salah mengeja, salah bahasa, salah grammer and other. bukan nak menunjuk-nunjuk. hanye nak practice-kn diri berbahase english. Trial and error do make we become more pengetahuan. so don't shy-shy to tegur my error. ;] thanks!


Anonymous said...

hahahahahha !
kenangan manis kat sek !

saye kerink said...



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