Monday, January 9, 2012

Sneak a peak!

As Salam. Okay lari kejap dari dunia student. Haha. Tadi tolong member buat assignment kejap. Now, i should probably continue studying biology, sebab I have biology test tomorrow morning, tapi sebab laptop dah terbuka, so why not online kejap kann. haha

First and for all, I would like to Congratulate my friend, Nicholas Keevan for obtained a very-very-very good result in his WACE!! And his result was better than 99.55% of students here and in Australia who took the exam. I AM REALLY PROUD OF YOU BROTHER!! *big claps* ;] He will fly to Australia this year (i'm not sure when is it.huhu)

Ermm what else? Oh, i texted my lecturer, trying to persuade her to postpone the test, and I was lucky she said OKAYYYY!! Alhamdulillah. To be truth, I only managed to read one out of five chapters during my weekends. Gila awful kan. Tidur banyak. duhhh!

Oh and I had an healthy saturday morning when I woke up early & playing basketball at 8am with my fellow classmate. We don't even know the rules, we just played it, janji masuk jaring. hahaha. It went fun! I felt very energized! Would love to do it more frequent so that my body tak la lembik je. Ohhh seronoknya la bersukan! Baru la tak membazir moment-moment life ni.

BUT, that night till now, I am suffering from back-pain.. HAHAHA sebab we didn't warm-up pun before main tu. Main redah je! Guna bola NETball pulak tu. hahaha.

Minggu ni banyak dealing with SHOULD I DO THIS OR THAT? Basically ianya menguji saya, untuk either keep doing the same mistakes or membaikinya. Secara purata-nya, even I knew if I chose this way, what will I become, I still choosing it!! dem. Cuma ada satu-dua kali je I chose the right and exact way. Kena baiki lagi ni!

Okayyy I think I should off my laptop within another 10minutes. Because if not, i will not studying. Till we meet again! As Salam & Good Night! ;]

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