Thursday, January 19, 2012

Opsi Dupsi

4 o'clock in the morning. Its THURSDAY peeps!!! Okay yadayadayada, i'm staying up again.. Trying to finish up my assignment which I need to submit it this morning before 10.45am. HAH! Baru roughly sketch, nak kena plus minus words. Then kena salin semuaaaaaaaa atas kertas.

Oh! and I have di-quiz. hahaha. Two quiz today. Physics & Statistics. As usually, didn't study yet. Hampeh *nganga mulut*. 1st quiz will start at 12pm, 2nd quiz at 3pm. Sempat tak? sempat sempat sempat.

Ah. Teringat waktu sem-2 dulu, Anip & me created a spirit words untuk final exam. Which is,

*clap*BE SEMANGAT! *clap*BE *clap*BE SEMANGAT!!

inspired by cerita cheerleading yang kami tonton waktu masa lapang. haha. Then we shared it with out bestbuddies, Dayat. Haaaa semangattttttttttttttttt!!

Oh baru perasan takde lagi gambar ber-3 sekali. doomed!

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