Saturday, August 4, 2012

CS18 : Ustaz Erfino Johari

CS stand for Cadangan Saya. Edisi CS ini dibuat oleh Ustaz Erfino dimana beliau memberikan cadangan apa yang perlu dibuat sepanjang bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak yang sungguh percious ini. Sama-sama kita renung-renungkan & Selamat beramal! ;]

CS 18 : Join kumpulan tadarus di surau / masjid berhampiran. Kalau tak mampu setiap malam, letakkan sasaran cthnya dua kali seminggu. Be sporting, just like our readiness and sporting spirit upon friends invitation for tea session.
It's not about the ability of reading the Quran actually. In general, all of us can read Quran. Ramadhan is about sharing, it's about engaging yourself with the community, congregating and communicating among each other.
Hence, the aspiration of reading al Quran during Ramadhan is to recite it with others, to read and learn it with somebody else next to us or in front of us. It's about communication. The idea is the tadarus, a circle where people with knowledge and ability can sit together with others in humilty. Self proud, arrogance, shyness, individualism, all these can be drained out of our minds and bodies.
Be sporting, join the tadarus. Read together, learn to give and to accept. No matter how qualified you're in this field, there's a lot that you can and will learn via tadarus. No matter how low you think you are in terms of tajweed and the reading, you are always welcomed and appreciated by Allah, should you sporting enough to join. Make a difference, make this Ramadhan different than all the previous ones by joining tadarus.

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