Friday, September 18, 2009

Entry before went back to beloved village.

Salam, haha! yey! my dedi dah selamat sampai kat tanah air pagi tadi. sekarang tinggal my bro yang sulung je tak balik lagi. kalau tak silap-lah kan. my mum cakap malam nie balik kampung. YEY! haha excited excited. rindu kampung rindu nenek rindu kawan-kawan kat kampung. missyou.

waktu jawab exam hari tu, bila dah sampai tahap tak tahu nak jawab ape. pandang kiri kanan semua pena menari-nari. pena saya je yang berhenti tido. then kebetolan my desk betol-betol depan teacher desk so i can see la so many people taking papers. ulang-alik ulang alik amek kertas. me? just sit back and relax.haha(agak jealousy+tension di situ)

THEN. teringat akan Sir Rafiz Salleh. haha. die cakap "Don't be sad, HARI RAYE IS COMING!! yahoo". hee thanks sir. you do make me feel better. then tibe-tibe teringat akan kampung. ouhh sudah lebih 5 purnama tak balik kampung. missmiss. o o o balik kampung, o o o balek kampung, hati girang!

For those who didn't back to kampung this raye, don't be sad okay! your friends still around. Hoping that you can celebrate with us/your family/your village/your granny/your cousins next year! aminn. 1Malaysia. Love you!haha. special flying kiss from me to all of you. MWAHHX! xoxo.

Lots district finished their trial already. Hulu Langat district, don't forget we still got papers after RAYA! so don't forget to do an exercise. Maths Maths. ;]. I still got three papers left. Wahh i cannot believe it. I already done 20papers. huahahaha. but surely i'm afraid what the result gonna be. cuakcuak. trial result is really-really important for me.

Hizzam ask Mrs.Chong yesterday, how our BM papers? Do we get any chance to wear graduation JUBAH? then teacher said, "Don't worry-lah. All of you will get the chance to graduate and wear the jubah". YEY! haha. As i know, we will graduate this October! yehooo! but still, feel sad. I'll miss all, ouhh there will be no more white uniform. no more maroon tie. no more cranky willy sound in the class. no more friendly, close friends around. Everyone will flow to their own way. Ouhh. i cannot pass through that moment when its time. Surely will cry lots.

huahaha. thats all for this entry, hope to see all of you after next week. and also, come-lah to my house this raye, but before you come, give me a call or text me a messege. haha. Sayang korang semua! SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR BATIN. Tell all the drivers out there aaa DRIVE CAREFULLY. Biar lambat, asalkan selamat. ;]


Anonymous said...

woah, your school graduate that early? October... Most school after SPM's result... anyway, Good Luck for your SPM! ;) Reading your nervouses is making me nervous too - for next year...

a reader^^

saye kerink said...

Thank you so much!
haha don't worry-lah! i'm sure you will be better then me.
just don't be like me.
REALIZED the reality 3months before SPM. haha ;]
by the way, all the best for yr next year!


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