Saturday, September 5, 2009

Salam. tak tahu nak letak tajuk ape. Well, Physics & Chemistry paper finish already. I don't really want to talk about those paper. Today i just answered Paper 3 for both subject. My experiments are TOTALLY deflected! Huh. Redha sahaja. Next paper is Bahasa Melayu. Our exam schedule are so packed. I'm afraid if i can't cover all. Ouhh dear. ;[

I don't know what will happen later. Apa-apa pun, trial kami most of the question they took from Past year Question. They just change little bit. Aurghh unfortunetly i didn't doo any exercise. All the time i'm just doing the simple notes. Huh! well i deserved all the punishment. Why? because its my fault. I just do the simple notes last minute. When finish doing the notes, there's no time left for me to do an exercise. So my advice to my juniors, prepare the notes before its too late. Don't be like me okay! Because during the last minute is the time for you to do few revision and execise to brush up your brain. And do an exercise atleast a month before your trial. Get used to the formula, calculation. It might be easier for you later. ;]

Last thursday, i woke up late. really really late. Till i got the summons from the prefect. haha. guess at what time do i woke up? 7.30a.m. haha. And by coincidence, that day was Chemistry P1&P2. Start at 8.00a.m. I arrived at school right before my friends start answering the paper. As i enter my class, all types of eyes looking at me. Then i hear a cynical voice said "So early!". haha. guess who?gabbana. From my home, i walks like a wind, i walked as fast as i could. Till i can't really read the notes that i just wrote that morning. Ouhh no luck. But its okay, atleast i still can answer few question. Good!

So people, Do not do something at last minute. And do get enough sleep so that it won't affect your studies. Plus, if you stay up till late your immune system will become weaker and virus easily ATTACK your body. So take good care of yourself and Good Morning! ;]


zura said...

i'm so truly sorry that i haven't tell you this but doing A LOT of exercises is THE key! now is not the time utk buat notes etc. that is to be done million years ago *literally, of course*

buat banyak2 latihan tau. so that you'll get used to the style, marking scheme and whatnot. and yes, past years too. last year i gave all my exams papers to aishah (and those were from 2005, mind you) and guess what? MOST of the questions were the same! even the essays! but she screwed her spm, still. so take note k!

how many days left? it's never too late to start unless you keep procrastinating. jom pecut! :)

saye kerink said...

salam kak long,
thanks! ouhh i love you-lah!
haha. 45 days left for SPM.
but i'm more worried about my trial.
if i didn't score. how could i get the scholarship?
I'm too afraid sys.
ouhh i don't know what to say.
;]. but its okay!
yey jum jum PECOT!
love you sys. and thanks! ;]

zura said...

don't worry, just buat latihan banyak2, biasakan dgn soalan..

-add maths tu, 1st you read through the topics, learn step by step and write them down (the steps), then start with the simplest Qs, before proceeding to harder ones. same goes to modern maths. they're supposed to be fun, you know :)

-biology, you need to read and read and read, and start answering sample Qs. that applies to PI and history too. if i'm not mistaken, the Qs always berulang kan?

-for english, pick or create an essay or two, stick with it for any question pun yg you get. that means you must remember the whole essay, then sesuaikan dgn title yg dia bagi. modify sini sana sikit. by doing this, you wont waste time during the exam because you already have the storyline, just need to branch out sikit2 saje

-EST, need lotsa general knowledge too. but don't stress too much on this as the subject is not that important pun kan. i mean it wont affect your grade, does it?

-chemistry, i don't know haha..

one thing for sure, make a study group, sharing is caring, no? by doing that, you will know what you know and what you don't so you can improvise yourself by learning from other members. and you can memorize better by teaching others :)

i hope this helps. sorry for such a lengthy comment :P i want you to score! go go faris! :D

zura said...

they say last minute preparation doesn't work. i don't think so. if you use this 45 days wisely, i believe those things yg within these days lah yg you'll memorize better. study dgn kawan2 yg boleh masuk, k. something you encounter once = short term memory. but it can be converted into long term memory if it's repeated.

whoaaaa kaklong pun ada paper esok neh. kita doa sama2 okay :)

saye kerink said...

Salam, thanks kak long!
hee i will try to modified the tips that u've given with my style.
hahah.humm. i want to score too!
aminn. yey! same2 doa. gdluck kak long!
take care. love you. ;]
yey go go kak long! hee

Airdroppe said...

go go power rangers...
study smart k.
Have a nice weekend.


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