Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Salam. Ahh sungguh rindu akan ini blog. Sungguh rindu. Ouhh saya ade berita baik punyer! my TRIAL EXAM finished already!! Fuhh, not satisfied or hooray! yet. I'm still waiting for the results. Humm, later if i already get the results i will post and share it with my readers. ;]

Tentang Hari Raya, maybe this weekends i will spend my time updating my blog about MY RAYA and so on. haha. In short, my RAYA this year is WONDERFUL, HAPPENING, and FUN! Ouhh and thanks to God. On the other hand, i'm afraid that my results aren't like i expected. Besides, before we sit for for TRIAL, my classmate and me already make a deal. "This trial atleast each one of us got 5A's". Uhh, amin.. ;]

Hey fella! I'm super duper double triple trillion miss you guys so much! haha. Every second of my life i will think about my blog, and how dissapointed my readers are because i didn't update for so long. Although not to long. hahah. But believe me, if i follow my naluri, i want to update my blog every second. haha. Well as you all already known, most of my post are about my life, what happen to me in a day, some of them are interesting but some of them are lame. haha.

There's lots scene/drama happen to me during my OFF BLOGGING. Unfortunetly i do not remember all, just few of them. ;] I'll story to you later. Till then hoping to see you all this weekends! ;]

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