Sunday, November 8, 2009


Salam. Syukur alhamdulillah. Hari ini saye kenal kawan baru! through Universal. haha. Thanks Universal! Die baekk. Dudok dekat cheras. Mule-mule ingatkan die tak akan reply my comment. Unfortunetly my assumption are totally wrong! He is very friendly. Although he schooling at private school, but still he isn't arrogant. ;]

Betul ayah cakap, jangan buat ape-ape assumption about something before doing/experience it. Hee. Em em tuition dah habes, uwaaa! will miss all my tuition friends, my tutors and the tuition centre. haha! SPM makin dekat. My preparation 60/100 only. Haiyaaa, maybe because i'm too khayal with online-ing. Nak pause lah, betol betol pause punyer! haha.

Dikesempatan ini, Faris Fikri nak wish a very best Good Luck to all SPM'09 Candidates. May all of us can achieve the BEST result. amin. take care. ;]


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