Thursday, December 10, 2009

Suam suam

Salam. Suam suam? yeahh that is how i felt right after i finished my last paper last Tuesday(8th dec). I saw my friends jumping around, shouting MERDEKA! and others. I just could stand there watching them with big smile. I'm smiling? yeahh. Even though i'm smiling, inside of me only God know(s).

PAPP! tuitui. Whole of me are covered with flour! Khairunnisa you are soooo SWEET! haha. Guys thanks for making me smile! Real smile of course. Period that i could not face came that day. I can't imagine how my days without my schoolmate around. I hate to segregate with them. I hate to leave school. I hate that i am not Tasikians anymore. I hate this period of time. It makes my eyes flood. I don't care about my SPM and whatsoever. I care about my friends and my teachers.

When do we will reunite back? I do realize starting NEW YEAR, we will rarely meet each other. No more 'Good Morning!', no more laughing together, no more criticize about others, no more debating about silly things, no more walking together to canteen, to school, back from school. No more discussing, no more gossiping, no more uniform, no more Sir Adnan, no more Sir Tan, no more Mrs Mardiyana & Mrs Masnani. No more Madam Hamsiah Othman! Ouhhh i will remember all the memories with Science2 '08/'09, SMK Taman Tasik, Ampang FOREVER. The class DVD will i kept carefully and bring it with me wherever i go.

Will miss school.. that school has made me become someone. That school tought me that friends are priceless. That school tought me to work hard for my goal. That school is my 2nd house. I slept there, i eat there, i cried there, i pee there, i learned there, i wash my brain there. 5 years i became Tasikians, and now its time for me to say goodbye and become ex-Tasikians. Thank you teachers for all!

For my juniors, don't hate knowledge. Do not hate school. Appreciate everything that surrounded you. You will miss to wear school uniform. As for me, i will always bare in my mind about secondary school, the place where i grew up.

For my seniors, you should miss me! haha. Although i'm not that known, just remember my big smiling curve! Everyday i'm trying my best to smile as big as i can so that people who saw me smiling will smile too. haha. Upper6! will miss u-lah. Goodluck for future! For lower6 this year, i do not know you all well, never talk with any of you. Just sometimes i smiled to some of you, hoping that you guys will say 'Hi' to me. haha.
I have no more ideas to jot down. This month I will just sit back and relax at home. Watching DVDs that i bought last night. haha. This weekends i might go to Education Fair @ PWTC. Then to kinokuniya! yeyeh! Want to buy lots of manga especially written my Motomi Kyousuke! I will not go for vacation due to each of my family members got other important things to do. My dad is still working at Dubai, my sister in the middle of exam, my 1st brother is working, my 2nd brother will continue his studies this Dec 28th. Left me, Kak Wati and my mum at home. Nevermind. ;]

Heit now its time for MOVIES! haha. Eh wait, want to tell you that this month i might go out to see Yaya and Nia! haha. After about 1/2/3 years we known each other in the net, now its time for our friendship to become reality! haha. Hoping that they won't faint when they see me. haha! Not because i am cute neither do handsome (although i do think i'm cute.haha). Its because of my jeliness and annoyed. haha.

p/s; I am totally super duper afraid to see my result. Syuhh syuhh! ttyl

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