Wednesday, December 23, 2009


"what are you?"
"i hate you like hell"
"dont ever call me or msg me...we stop here...we're finish"

What is that? I'm super duper don't understand? What happen to u? I've done no wrong. A minute you treat me like a human being, later then u suddenly treat me like I'm an intruders. Please explain briefly. I want to help you. God said that whoever break the bond between Muslims, he/she will receive a price which is a SINS.

Please bear in your mind, once you be my friend, forever you'll be. Whenever you change your mind and want to be my friend again, please you're always welcome. No need to ask for my permission. I just hope that our friendship will be normal again like last year, no problems, no argue-ing, no trouble, and friendly. I do miss when we laugh & smile together.

AMIN. ;]

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