Friday, December 11, 2009


Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to Sister Nadia.. Happy Birthday to YOU!
I love you sis, thanks to God for giving me a sister like her. I love her so much. Since we were child I stick with her wherever she goes. haha. I played with her, i laugh with her, i cry with her, i ate with her. We swim together, we play the sand together, we sleep together. She is the only sibling that i close most. She is the only girl in my siblings, she's the 3rd. She close with each of our family members. I'm always miss her. Thanks for being THE BEST SISTER i ever had. I doesn't have any present to give you, just a hug if u want?haha.

May Allah bless you. ;]

p/s; happy birthday to Kak Hayati & Dak Lia too! ;]

1 comment:

princess in castle said...

i plh suke entry nih sbb ade kak nad ;)


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