Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stay Strong Whiskas!!

Assalamualaikum. Tengah study, saja nak buka FB, baca noti, kakak post ni.. Oh whiskas! Please be strong! Oh Allah, please help Whiskas, please heal her from the illness she's suffering.

Kakak cakap dia jadi macam Arwah Tiger, muntah-muntah.. I can't lose another kitten... Please... I haven't meet them for 3weeks.. And i won't meet them until i finish my exam which will end on 14th..

I cried whenever I missed Tiger. Tiger suka tidur atas rak kaca tinggi tu.. Everytime I think about her, I cried.. I can't lose you too Whiskas.. I can't cry no more, I have examination... Please don't leave.. Oh Allah, please don't take away Whiskas too..



LightsOfHonesty said...

this is sad :'(

saye kerink said...

It is. Even during prayer, if i think about them and all their memories comes into my mind, the tears will fall.. but due to everytime i cried, the mucus will start producing, so i decided to stop thinking about them, which I will rethink about them soon.. once i'm home... seeing their usual place to sleep.. that will just bring back the memories.

I really want to redha, and I believe everything that happens has it own reasons, just... I am sad that we couldn't live together long enough... because will we be reunite in the afterworld?.. Allah is the only one who knows..


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