Thursday, December 8, 2016

Bismillah #12RabiulAwal1438H


Selawat dan Salam ke atas Nabi S.A.W, Nabi junjungan kita. Harini tarikh lahir Baginda S.A.W. Allahu akbar. What have I done up to this age that help the ummah, help Allah's religion, practice Rasululallah's sunnah...?

It has been awhileeeee, since the last time I write an entry here. This is my 2nd entry throughout 2016. Allahu akbar. I miss it. I miss me. I miss being near to Him. I miss my journey written down here.. sometimes I do reread my entry, reminisce, Alhamdulillah.

For the past few years, after I graduated my Diploma, I rarely write in this blog. With an existence of Instagram, I frequently share my memories there with superlong-caption explaining what happening at the current moment (referring to the photo). My Instagram account initially a private profile of mine. Soon I approved few of my friends.. my siblings.. new friends... my cousins.. Because to me, an Instagram is a platform for me to be able to know someone's current state.. Perkembangan.. As we rarely see each other face-2-face nowadays,

And I uploaded photos into my account is not because I want to show to others, but I actually want it become a timeline of my journey while on this earth. On the other hand, I also want to share with my circle, may we able to take an ibrah from it.

I have so many stories to share here. Most of them I had shared on my Instagram though.. but this one will be lil more detail. I might separate the stories into 5parts, or maybe I might merge all in one-lengthy-entry. Haha.

As for today, I am on 7th Semester, Bachelor of Health Administration. This month should be my critical month throughout my degree (once again), as I have a thesis to complete and submit, and my final exam is around the corner (though it will be on 2017, next year haha)

Here I humbly would like to ask for your kindness, to pray for me, May Allah strengthen my Iman to walk through His ujian dan dugaan and to come back to Him with inner and outer peace.

JZKK. Toqaballahu minna wa minkum

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