Thursday, December 8, 2016

Internship at MiCare Sdn Bhd


Recently, I went for a solo-backpacking to Australia. I would say that journey is Allah's plan. It is the best. He is The Best Planner indeed. At the early beginning of the plan, I didn't plan to go alone. I intend to take a step by step, to learn on how to become a solo-backpacker by book a slot in TAB's (Trip Adik Beradik) trip to NZ. Honestly I have no money. I do not work. Only have few ringgit of my saving.. since the trip will be approximately a year ahead, I said to myself, why not? I will find a way to gain enough money for the trip.

Alhamdulillah Allah make it an ease. Despite me not obtaining any offer for an internship from any hospital until the final week before we need to lapor diri, Allah gave me an opportunity to experience something new, I sent my resume through a senior (Kak Dyana), who currently and still working in MiCare Sdn. Bhd. To be honest, I have never ever ever imagined myself working or doing my internship in an Insurance related company. Because I had some unfavorable experience of insurance people chasing forcing to buy the premium. UNTIL THAT DAY.. The day where I am desperately need a place for an internship.

MiCare isn't an insurance company, BUT it is a Third Party Administrator (TPA) for Health/Medical Insurance related companies. And to add the adventure, the HR said the only department available for hiring is Call Center. To cut it short, Alhamdulillah I passed the interview, and since MiCare Sdn Bhd didn't take any internship student, I applied for a contract staff instead. Alhamdulillah Allah ease everything, the HR accepted it, my supervisor also show no worries with it. Oh and since I'm oncontract entitled for a salary la kan. Alhamdulillah.

I used the money I got to pay for my flight tickets etc.. Somehow on the month that I should pay full amount of the trip's fee, I stumbled upon few obstacles that I decided to withdraw from the trip and it left me with 13 days in Australia (because I bought tix return KUL-SYD). I can just buy a direct flight to NZ, but I think that will be a waste, alang-alang dah keluar, I should touch atleast Australia sekali since it's near kan. Sebab tu beli tix KUL-SYD, konon nak transit SYD.

Alhamdulillah. I thank Allah for my super-awesome-special-moment-colourful-journey of 6 months in MiCare Sdn Bhd (Feb-July 2016). I love the supportive environment in the Level-2. I really appreciate the experience I had as a Call Center Agent. We only take inbound call, which I love. I learnt so much on Health Insurance, from what I have learned in Mr.Shahril's class during my 5th Semester, it became more realistic as I am applying/seeing it on real live situation.

I met numerous new friends, with variety of background, and journey. It was my longest working experience so far. And I also able to experience working on HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI. Haha. First time out of norm.

Toqaballahu minna wa minkum


LightsOfHonesty said...

Ohh baru tahu story ni. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Salam, boleh tak nak tanya cara nak hantar resume ke micare sdn bhd? sbb buka website dia takde email la. Hope you could help

Faris Fikri Rusli said...

Wslm, Hai Encik/Cik Anonymous.

MiCare selalu iklankan job vacancy dia dekat JobStreet. Apply through JobStreet. I don't how to contact u directly since tak ada kesan yang ditinggalkan.

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