Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good? Not really

Tadi bukak blog Miss.A(blog umum), nak tengok my name on list ke tak? Yes i am in it! But... with a bracket (LATE). Hah! I thought by changing the time could give me a chance for not being label as late. But yeahh.. but but... i really doing it at that time.. around 11 pm something.. but then i can't think of anymore idea, so i decided to save it in the draft and continue typing it this morning.. Okay afternoon actually. HUMP. Takpe la, janji dah submit. ;]


Miss Amalina said...

Soccay faris..
I won't penalize you..
It is a just gentle reminder for you to submit your assignment on time..
Don't do it again next time okay?
anddd...why you were absent for my class? haaa...

Zida said...

late? esaiment hari itukahh??


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