Sunday, December 18, 2011

Apa kata Physics' student?

As Salam. Okay guys, dah tengok video bawah ni? GOOD! I wonder, how does light travel sampai boleh appear image dekat wall tu. Disebabkan I knew about this video from my physics senior, Kak Syafiqah Jasmin, therefore, I asked for her explanation because I am EAGER gilaaa to try it in my room. hahaha. So here is what she says:

Light travels in a straight straight line. By having a very dark room (no light travels) and a single hole from a light source will allow lights to travel tak bengkok2. So it went straight to the wall. For example, light from the ground will travel straight up and be at the uppest wall. While light from the sky, will travel straight down and be at the lowest wall.

sebab tu gambar terbalikk weeeeeeeeeee Ibnu Haytham yang discover this first (used to be known as camera obscura) Yay for muslim's scientist!! :DDDD

ANDD YEYYYY!!! nak buat la nanti! ;]

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