Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Strolling eyes!

Ohhhhh my eyes.. Getting reddish. I am sleepy. Trying to counter it. I drank a glass of nescafe at 10pm and I drank a cup of mineral water at 1am (silly me. im sorry, im dehydrated). Now I am d*mnnn un-energetic. Weak, in simple. Turgid. Eh ada kena mengena ke?

Exhausted. Of what? Online la ape lagi. Gambar atas ni takde kena mengena dengan mata pun. Eh ada! Sikit. Saja rasa nak attach gambar ni. Most of my image in any of my post tak ada kena mengena dengan entry tu. It just, saya rasa nak letak, lalu terletak la ia. noktah.

Suka gambar bawah ni, because that is what I am doing all these days..

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