Tuesday, September 18, 2012

There are reasons for what had happened

Assalamualikum. Bila dah buat kerja last minute macam ni, macam-macam la tak kena. Kena strong, tebalkan muka, find ways to complete it no matter what. Consequences from it kena la terima. Such as, missed classes, tak dapat ilmu akhir sebelum final, kena yelled, .. Rawr

This week is the last week before start study week sabtu ni. Students semester lain dah start preparing untuk final, us, still busy with macam-macam.. Mini thesis, project entreprenuer.. Everything need to be done in these short period of time. May Allah permudahkannya.. Aminn..

A friend asked me, "Apa kau buat kalau kau stress/tension?"... I'm not sure what to answer, because I can't remember when did I stressed.. Tapi based on experienced malam tadi and harini, when everything went all wrong, I find other way to solve it.. Even tak totally solved, tapi partially. At least, berjalan la juga benda tu instead of nothing. Pray to Allah. InsyaAllah Allah tenangkan hati awak tu. Kira, takde la rasa kusut semua. Do things calmly, walaupun masa terhad.. Find alternative instead of giving up.

Allah gave you this Test, because He believe in you, He believe you can get through this. You know, when Allah miss you.. He give you some troublesome, so that you will go to Him and ask for His help and guidance.. MashaAllah ;]

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