Saturday, September 22, 2012

Current hopes..

As Salam. I'm currently hoping yang Miss material & Madam organic tu will allow me to take Test yang I had missed...... Assorted feeling bila you wake up, tengok jam, and there you goes.. Yet, I am really grateful to the fullest because to be honest, I am not ready at all. I've read... and read.. and read... yet still didn't get it..

My assumption lah, mungkin Allah gave me this chance untuk do better!! Sekarang tinggal usaha.. lepas tu tawakal. InsyaAllah..

Please discipline yourself farisfikri!

This is it! The only semester yang give me chance untuk melonjak naik, sebab tak ada subject biology yang super-banyak-kena-baca-dan-hafal tu. Ya Allah, may I accomplish it! Aminn ;]

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