Friday, January 1, 2010

1st January 2010

Salam. HAPPY NEW YEAR fella! i'm 18 dude! Haha. Sempena dengan 2010, I got some new stuff to wear for 2010! Check it out(i know its simple, but it match with unemployed people like me.haha);

This is my new FLIPPER! I mean SLiPPER. haha

This is my 1st Cardigan! Its in BLUE but no hood and no pockets (kinda bored. ;p). My fav. colour ;]

The morning before I went to... THIS IS ME! ;]

Ini gamba my mum punyer kawan kahwin kat Negeri Sembilan 19th Disember 09. Saja je masukkan gambar ney sebab saye yang ambil gambar ney. haha! Canteq ta? ;]


bacon iz da bomb said...

love the cardican and ur a cute guy

bacon iz da bomb said...

but seriously i also love the blog check mine out

Anonymous said... ske biru!!..;pp

lme x nmpk ko..makin tnggi?

saye kerink said...

Hello there Bacon,
I'm sorry i don't know yr rea; name.
I just want to say Thank you so much for reading my blog.
And thanks for the compliment. ;]
I'm sorry because i wrote to much malays and i bet u couldn't understand.
I need to improve my english so that next time I can write fully in english so that people from other country can understand what i'm talking about in my entry and hoping that they will enjoy reading it. ;]
And bacon, thanks again for stoping by my blog. Really appreciate it. ;]

Salam Fafa, yeke ko suke biru? haha. Sibuk je tiru ako. ;]
Huh? emm ntah la weh. Kalo boleh ako nak remain kat ketinggian 167cm jeh. hahah ;]

echa ituu said...

eh ehh
picha yg las uh cantek lah

jelez jelez ;p

saye kerink said...

heh kau! kau perli ke puji?haha


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