Sunday, March 7, 2010


Salam. Hey Hey Hey! Sorry for being silent for almost couple of months. Kinda BUSY *ekkk*. Okay i lied. haha. You know, i just too lazy to update my blog but I DO missed updating this junky blog. hahaha.

Haaa as u all already known, SPM'09 results will be announce this March 11th. blablabla. Honestly i'm scared. But to make my mind calm and unstressed, i choose to think about 'What should i wear on that day?' haha. Yela it's the BIG day for SPM'09 leavers la.. so need to find some comfort, adorable cloths to put on so that if i get bad results, my cloths will cover it up. Okay close the case! i miss my classmates. ;]

Well, I'm working during this holiday.. at a mini Post Office. Hah! Never imagine i'm working there. Kinda okay though.. most of the time i wasted on Online..haha. Tak stress.. humm the salary kinda okay for me. Ouhh my english getting worse day by day.. Anyone?

Umm according to my mind schedule.. i suppose to post few entry about UAE, my family vacation. Starting from the 1st day(already post it) till the 6th day.. There's plenty of photo's i didn't show to all of you yet. Will do within this week.. i MUST! And and do you know that i keep procrastinate lots of programs that i should do since January 2010.. humphump! badboy.

Last but not least, I'm truely SORRY. ;]

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MGMSabri said...

salam...baguslah jika dpt update.
update baik2 ya.


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