Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I have a bad habit. Informing people whatever happen, what i do, etc. whenever i feel i need to. Sometimes, it's just some crap. And and, people surely feel annoyed with me. Haha. Everyday, before i close my eyes, i will text whoever in my contact list, informing them that i want to sleep. Haha. I don't know when it started this habit. I just kind of like it. I makes me feel comfortable. I used to text someone about what i do bla3, tapi dah takde, so kawan-kawan dalam contact list la jadi mangsa.

Semalam macam crap gila kan, selalu saye cakap "Selamat malam," or anything yang lebih kurang, but last night, my message was like, 2-3 pages. I mention about clorox. My housemate clorox-ed our toilet right before he went to sleep, so i paling lewat tidur, before i sleep, pergi la toilet nak wash my legs. Then there's got a note on the door, said "Baru letak clorox, kalau nak guna toilet cuci dulu". And i entered the toilet, omaigoshhhh PUNGENT smells. Yet, the toilet seems like never-used toilet. Sangat bersih okay! Congrats to him!! YEYY

Tak tahu la kalau duduk dalam toilet tu over than 5 minutes, will pengsan or not. Oh my Allah Almighty, its 12.45 a.m. in the morning and i still awake. Oh no no no, i should sleep now. Ada kelas pukul 8 pagi la derr. Good Night! ;]

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