Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lesson for today,

1. Don't study biology in the middle of the night, or else you will end up snoring with your book/laptop open.

2. Don't open your laptop if you didn't figure-it-out what is your intention of doing it. Set the priority first, be discipline!

3. Sleep early, don't sleep late. Especially if you have class early tomorrow morning. (Like me.)

4. Finish every article/story that you've read. Don't let the story hanging, you will not gain any new info/knowledge by doing it.

5. Finish your assignment/assessment before the due date, or you will find yourself in the middle of highway, where you can't turn back or move forward because there are too many car.

6. Don't let your words speak louder than your action.


ME? I DID ALL THE ABOVE. That's why i want to type it in my blog so that i won't keep repeating it over and over again. FIN ;]


p/s; oh may gay, pukul 1.30 a.m. dah. demmm i'm in big trouble!



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