Tuesday, September 27, 2011

6 - 4 = 2

As Salam. Well guys! Two papers to go! And then I'm done with my 3rd semester. Fuhhhhh! I've gone through tough situation where i have physics & maths paper side by side (day). Both are on morning. I cried the morning before my math started. Alhamdulillah. With help from Allah, i managed to answer all the question calmly.

I've done my best for all 4 subjects that i've done, let Allah do the rest. In the mean time, i need to prepare for my Chemistry & Biology papers which are on friday and next thursday. May i'll be well prepared. Amin Ya Rabb! ;]

Today we (Hamiza Hamidon, Farhana Zafian, Adzuan Aiman and me) went to UKM for the UKM Convo Fest infront of Dewan Gemilang. We went to pay a visit at Lomo Oh Lomo booth. We arrived there at 11 a.m. Guess what? There's no one at the booth? But it is okay, we entertain ourselves by looking, staring at the lomowall. COOL!! There's like tons of photograph glued on the wall. Amazing photograph taken by lomographer. Good job guys!!!

I did sent few of my photos, and my name were on the Contributor list, yet, still can't find any of my photo on the wall. Huhu. It is okay. I didn't mind. Although i did.. just a little. huhuhu sorry. But it's okay.. I really glad before we leave UKM, i finally met Kak Rem & Abg Izzat Fahmi at the booth. ;]

I had a good day today. Thank you Allah. Thank you fella! Good Luck for your next paper~

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MGMSabri said...

Abg gi UKM hri Isnin...


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