Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finding a job,

As Salam. Hai people! Haha. Hurm, yesterday I went to find a job during my semester break. I went to Starbucks & Dome. Starbucks said that they will call on Friday, while Dome said they will call today..

I didn't receive any call from Dome today, so that's mean I didn't get it right? Hahh.. DOME are hiring now, I wonder why they didn't call me. Haha. Mungkin bukan my rezeki kut. And maybe because when they asked when can I start working, I said, next week.

I am not delaying. It just, my family planned a trip. Actually my Dad wishes to go for a trip/holiday with the whole family. Memandangkan, this weekend everyone cuti. My 2nd brother tengah midsem break, saya tengah sem break, my sister & my brother can apply for cuti. HAH

We actually planned to go to Miri, Sarawak. But then there's few things yang tak dapat dielakkan, lalu we've changed it to anywhere in Semenanjung Malaysia, then my sister cakap dia nak pergi Pulau, we've searched... but not confirm yet

Tuptup orang kampung which is our aunts, uncles, they invited us to come to their house this weekends sebab dorang buat kenduri sikit. Kalau satu, boleh excuse kut, tapi DUA. On friday night 1, on saturday night 1. And yeahhh we chose to balik kampung, it will be fun, InsyaAllah. ;]

Oh back to the story of finding a job, erm actually my permanent at iSetan KLCC called few days after I've finished my final exam, he said that he is looking for a part-timer. I would love to accept the job, it just, I want to try working in different department this time. Huhu

I missed working at Kenny Rogers, it were fun! Moving here & there, running, walking, jatuh-ing, kena-marah-ing haha! I really enjoyed it. I want moreeee!! Years ago when I was in secondary school, I really wanted to work at Starbucks, but at that time, I am under age brother! And now I am 20 years old. Unfortunately, Starbucks minimum period of working are 3 months. Well well... mungkin lepas habis diploma baru ada chance working at the Starbucks. Can't wait!!

Hurmm.. Any idea where should I ask for a job? Place yang synonym with Starbucks, Dome... hehe. Thank youuuu!! ;]

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