Thursday, April 12, 2012

I am afraid

As Salam. Hai! Harini I followed Zamir to UiTM Kuala Pilah, accompanying him to submit the kertas kerja for next semester. We went to see our Physics' lecturer, who is also the Society of Science consultant. Zamir needs her signature, disamping tu we talked..

Ask her what she's doing while we're on our break, sebab Degree student dekat kampus kami tak ada yang ambil physics, so lecturer physics suppose free la kan. Rupanya they aren't free lah! Busy with others, research, conference etc.. I thought being a lecturer is as easy as being a school Teacher. Lain okay.. lecturer ni EXTREME sikit! haha you kena buat research etc... lecturer thingy, I malas nak ulas lanjut.

Oh then we talked about next semester, how many classes for physics? She said 1. We are shocked! Because if I am not mistaken, ramai kut student yang dah changed from human anatomy to material science. Then she continues, she said, they are preparing to open few mores sebab results for biology ramai yang didn't do it well.

Well people, I put my hands up! Because I might be one of them. So what I am freaking-out about? On 27th April 2012, our result will be announce & send to our email. If I did bad in my biology AGAIN this time..... my result either will be worst than last semester or maintain at the same position.

I know, I should redha & be okay with it... If I didn't get what I want, mungkin itu bukan rezeki saya. Setiap apa yang berlaku ada hikmah disebaliknya. Dan Allah menguji seseorang berdasarkan kemampuannya. Tak ada rezeki time ni, next time, dalam benda lain, akan ada. InsyaAllah (With Allah will).

I am extremely TAKUT sekarang.. Oh faris fikri, erase the word IF! Stop IF-ing something. CHILL LA BRO! Gigit gigi sekarang. arrrrrr


Ahmad Ismi said... pun DIS sini SABAH...hehe...finally 3rd year...good luck for the results.....giler nevees

Ahmad Ismi said... pun DIS sini SABAH...hehe...finally 3rd year...good luck for the results.....giler nevees

Doty Walaweyh said...

Farisss, just jadi Positive ! Dan doa, agar results kita cemerlang insyaAllah. Doakan jugak agar mak ayah kita happy, redha dan terima segala results kita :)

Be positive like u did always. Im doing that now. POSITIVE THINKING LEADS TO POSITIVE OUTCOME ! Remember that.


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