Thursday, April 28, 2011

the Fifth.

I got Biology exam today. This afternoon. 2-5pm. Now its 4.37am in the morning. And i still doing notes. Dont get me wrong, i already make the notes, it just unorganized, there's to much papers that i need to hold. So i decided to summarize each chapter. A piece of paper for each chapter. Easier for me to take a look at it and memorize.

I don't know either i could make it or not. Just enter 3rd Chapter out of 5. Chapter 3 is about photosynthesis. It should be easy to memorize it, it just, doesn't suit me. Okay, how about i just skip this chapter and proceed to the next chapter. Save time! (peliknya save time. haha. jimat masa). Will be back to C3 as soon as i finished with Chapter 5. InsyaAllah.

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