Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Analogue

Okay today I just want to show you my analogue camera. I'm just a noob lomographer. I started playing lomo since Dec 2010. It has been almost 5 month. And i would to stay playing lomo. Why? Because it's FUN! Every time you capture a moment, the picture produced will not have the same effect. The effect are unpredictable. You will feel the joy once you've have seen your outcome. No matter how much i spent, it is worth! ;]

This is my 1st camera. Lomo Aqua if i'm not mistaken. Tapi sayang, tak sempat guna, TERrosakkan. hehehe. rawrrrr

This is my 2nd. Ultra Wide & Slim. Bought it from LomoKaki. RM110. I've been using this since December. Got it as a present from my parents for getting Dean's List. Thank you! I have loads 7 rolls of film in this UWS. It lens is WIDE and it gives my photo such a vignette.

This is my 3rd. Recesky TRL. It's a D.I.Y. (do it yourself). You will have the experience building a TRL yourself. Need to be patience while building it. Recesky is also known as Gakkenflex Clone. The function between Recesky and Gakken is the same. Bought it for RM90 from ROFLCAM. Go take a look at their product. I mean, what they sell. Sure you will be attracted. There's tons of other analogue camera sell by ROFLCAM. And their price are reasonable. Thank you ROFLCAM! ;]

I just bought this last week. It is cute. Fascinating. WOWW... I feel very excited once i looked at the mirror that reflect the object infront. Ingat tak benda yang kita buat waktu standard 6 dulu? Apa nama dia aa.. haish tak ingat. -scope something. haha

Faris Fikri own this. I will try to divide my love equally. Mwahmwah XOXO ;]


MGMSabri said...

salam, wow, dh ada 3 kamera...
Diana F bila pula?
periscope....nama scope tu...

farhanazafian said...

wah dah sampai tiga!!
urm..insyaallah after final nak angkat holga135bc..hehhe..nanti mintak tolong ajar ya untuk budak yang baru nak berlomo niey:P

saye kerink said...

Abg Sabri,
ha'ah ada 3 dah. tapi satu tak boleh guna. Diana F+? wuhuuuu itu tak tahu lagi. hehehehe. HAAA periscope! thank u! ;]

Cik Farhana Zafian,
uhum. hamboii nak angkat holga135bc yee.. untung la.. haha. Gdluck! InsyaAllah, kalau ada la. hehe. ;]

Anonymous said...

kek bencong aja :D


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