Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Gedik tak? haha. Like i care. Suka baju tuh. Mak beli. Mak cakap 3 pound je. Sedap pakai. Selesa. Seronok. My favorite colour pula tuh kan. hehe.

Eh its already 1.30 a.m. I am quite tired. Berdiri lama sangat. Customer takde pun. Esok masuk noon. 1.30pm. Hope tomorrow will be better than today. Aminn. Laparrrr lah! Benci. nak tidur la macam ni. Good Night! ;]

p/s; listening to 'pretend - secondhand serenade'. This song had help me to burn the night oil on the night where i suppose to sleep but i can't because i didn't do any of assignment yet. TQ


Nadly said...

remembered that you asked me the name of the song before :)

saye kerink said...

Ha'a!! Terima kasih yee!!
How are u? ;]


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