Sunday, August 30, 2009

The journey to buka puasa!

Salam. Well today, 29th aug 2009. My friends and i went out for buka puasa at outside. wahh english aku tak betul. hahah. At first we thought we want to eat at PIZZA HUT. but then, last minutes we CHANGED it. and went to KFC Pavillion. huuu. so many people. but we still can found the sit! haha. mule mule jumpe dua sit je dekat atas sofa yang best tuh. but then our NEW 'neighbours' finished their food and wanna OUT. so we ask them "still wanna sit here?" then they said "No no". ok then we all pun sambung combine straight. hahah. kebetulan very near by to the sinki. hahah. GOOD!

Then kan kiteorang pon duduk la dulu. take a rest. hahah. sebab ramai lagi orang tengah beratur. tengah rest-rest tibe tibe terlihat dua orang perempuan ney. guess who? Aida and Mia. haha. so we just waving at them. THEN! guess where they sit? just right beside us. hahah. but we aren't eating with them. terdapat satu dinding between us. hahah.

Then ILA, my new friend who is baby and nizam and reeyn(theend) and sharul friend. hahah. ILA are crazy about chicken! All the way to Pavillion she only talk about CHICKEN. heh! so i called her ILA AYAM. hahah. Then Ila invited us to Q. So Bby, Nizam, So and me pegi la Q. haha. We are soooooooo TALKATIVE. habis satu KFC yg besar banglo dua bijik tuh dengar our conversation. hahah. biase la bila LOUD meet LOUD. became LOUDER. hahah. then ade la drama drama ciket tadi. hee.

THEN! when its the time for us to order. time tuh dah buka dah. hahah. we just order soo many. hahah. sebab orang yang duduk-duduk tuh berat bontot nak bangun. so dorang kirim saja. Then! this is the interesting part! BABY just order "Air sirap satu". hahah! actually he want to order F&N Strawberry. tapi salah sebut. huahua. dramatic betol. ;]

Well reeyn(theend) dah melayang-layang dengan boyfiee die pergi mana kiteorang pon tak tau.
What we do know that;
- Kaki reeyn dah banyak melecet
- She's wearing sooo many bandage or we called HANSAPLAST
- Her sandals,shoes punya riben tercabut sebelah sebab ade orang-orang pijak
- And she only realized it bila dah sampai seberang Sungei Wang
- Then guess what she asked us to do? Snap(cabut) the other riben. haha!

Then ape lagi happen aa? actually i want to show all of you our photo's that been taken by so many photographers. Haha. Hizzam cakap PAPARAZZI. huahua. Tapi kan SO and MAMAD tak masuk kan gambar tuh lagi. depa cakap esok. which is pagi kejap lagi. hahah!

Other kejadian yang happen during the day;
- Sharul(cantik) kene migrain.
- Nizam melecet kaki sebab pakai Vans ketat(which is mine), and he's wearing VERY SHORT TINY socks.
- Ila been invited by UMI to join UMI CORP. heh. tak wujud pon sebenarnya. hahah
- Ila are scared when 'umi' ask for her telephone number. haha! ;p
- La Dolce Faris Fikri punyer adrenaline terlebih keluar over secreted. so he became soo EXCITED, HYPERACTIVE. hahah
- Solihin felt so shorty when most of us who is his junior are taller then him. wahh his self-esteem became lesser la.
- Anyss just got back from her kerja. terus join us! good good. very tired huh?
- Hizzam(gabbana) salah pronouns 'auk' kepada 'ayok' hahah.
- Hizzam accidently admit to me at Popular bookshop that 'Saya bukan SUPERSTAR'. hahah good good.
- Faris just bought new pens! a couple, black and blue. yey! can do the notes!. ;]
- And Faris also bought ONE pen for reeyn and ONE pen for anyss. papermate, the one that they loves. ;]

i think thats all kot. guys nak tambah ape-ape lagi tak? i couldn't remember la. its 3a.m. in the morning. blurr already. hahah. so all, till we meet again. ecehh. nanti faris masok kan photo's yaa. ;]

PHOTO DAH MASUK! ade banyak tapi masuk sikit je. ;]

p/s; sangat panjang post kali ini. hahah. ey2 do watch Chef Pian cooking at YOUTUBE. just search 'ammar farith'. enjoy! ;]

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