Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tadi download Lightroom, thanks to pakcik Jepun. haha. by the way, first of all thanks to abg epi for the advertisment(kueng3). Lepas abeh download sesemua, rase excited gile nak try. Then belek2 cube2 mule2 rase bosan sebab tak tahu nak guna. haha. (silly) then dah banyak gambar tuh last2 i love i photo yang not bad for me. hee. Jadi gambar yang terpilih tersebut adalah ;



*click the picture to view the larger size. ;]

p/s; OMAA! tomorrow/today ade physics & history test. Why i'm still online? silly me. wish me lucky!amin.


Mohammad Hanafi said...

Hehehe..terkena racun lightroom..hehe..
abg epi ada bnyak preset untuk lightroom...lau nak minta ja

saye kerink said...

hahah.tuh la psl.
ey2! nak kn.
kene download lightroom balek.
sebab laptop yg ade lightroom tuh da gone. ;]


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