Thursday, August 6, 2009


Salam. This morning my house been robbed again. Around 3.00-6.30 a.m. This is the third time my house been robbed since i was a child. And this also is the 3rd time my stuff being stoled. 1st (2005) time been robbed, they took my wallet and my father notebook. 2nd time my wallet and my father notebook also. This time they took my handphone, my sister notebook and kak wati's moneys, gold neckless. So friends, i does not use any phone anymore okay? haha.

Thanks to Allah s.w.t. we are still alive. ;] Well last night i slept on the sofa because i'm doing my revision on the table till 3a.m. in the morning. Then i'm tired, so i slept on the sofa. While kak wati's , she also ter-slept on the next sofa. how come? at first she went to the living room to take her 'garfield' that she left. Then suddenly she reorder the pillow on the sofa then she slept. hahah.

And thank god my sister slept in the guest room. I'm afraid if anything happen to her. Well, we assume that the robbers have limited time. Thats why they didn't went up-stairs. So my mum things, my sister handphone , my 2nd brother and my 1st brother notebook is safe.

Hmm, this morning i went to school late because i didn't woke up early because of my phone doesn't ring because it already gone. haha.

Here when its all happens,

I just woke up when my sister ask me "Bangun, tak pergi sekolah ke?" they i told her "pergi,pergi". They i look for my phone. Usually when my phone does not on the table, it might be under the sofa or somewhere else on the sofa. Because me, when the phone rang at 5.30a.m i rarely woke up. I just turn-off the alarm and continue my sleep and put the phone beside me. But this morning, i look around everywhere. STILL DOESN'T FOUND.

Then i ask my sister "Do you see my phone?" they she said, "nope". They i wonder where does her notebook go? I thought i left it on the table and wrap it with newspaper. It is imposibble if she took her notebook and brought it up-stairs because she usually just left it there because there's no one will touch the notebook besides me and her. Then i ask her "Mane pergi laptop akak?". They she ask our maid "Kak Wati ye yang bukak laci-laci bilik kak wati?". Then we stunt a while. (my sister went to our maid room to solat.)

Afterthat, i look around to find where does the robbers come from. Then i hear the road sound (motorcycle & cars). Weird?we didn't open any windows or doors yet. I went to where the sound came from. AHA! found it. They enter in and out through this window. The window are open wide. And the emergency grill also opened wide. I call my sister and kak wati, they kak wati look out. there's no one there. then she look down she saw my father old notebook. They left it there, maybe because its too old.

My 2nd brother went down-stairs and came to us. He ask us what happen and he called the police. I went up-stair to set up myself to go to school. About 7.40 i went to school. Thank Allah s.w.t. my test began at 9a.m.

In the afternoon as i arrived at my home. I saw my uncle came by motorcycle. He buy lots of lock and keys. He put a lock and key for every single doors, emegency doors, and gates. He also told us to lock all the locks before went out. Thanks uncle. My mum and my daddy isn't here. They went overseas.

They i asked kak wati, did the police come? she said yes, three times. hmm. hope the robbers will be caught. But we doesn't have enough evidence. Because the forensics didn't found the robbers finger-print. Maybe because they wear a glove. huhahaha.

So my fellow friends, take care of your house, your things, and yourself. Better get ready before its too late.

~just a story to share. ;]


Zana said...

patutla ko lamabat smlm....ingatkan ko x dtg...

apa2 pun....
aq sm mcm ko....aku harp moga pshbtn kita x kan putus hingga akhirat nanti...

Anonymous said...

kerink...cian nye..huhuhu..alrite..pasnh aq nk kunci blek least xdpt msk blek..uma aq smua ank dara oi...hahahaha...

nway..thanx god..smua sae..:)

saye kerink said...

salam nana,
tuh la.hahah. ya ya! ;]

salam fafa,
hee na buat cane n. bende na jadi. okeh! ko kene jage safety. makesure silat ko tuh bergune. suro parents ko turunkn ilmu tentera/polis dowg kat ko. ;]

anne kamil said...

really ?
lah pity to you lah bbe ;(

saye kerink said...

hahah.its ok la anne.
bende da na jadi.
dugaan. ;]


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