Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Do you realized that those student who got 9A1 1A2 aren't better than those who got 9A1 in their spm result. How? do you realized that Malaysia scholarship system aren't fair. They said that those who got 9A1 is cleverer than those who got 9A1 1A2. Then if there are 3 student, one got 8A1, another got 9A1 1A2 and the last got 10A1 1A2, which one do you think will get the scholarship? Ok, its fine if those who is cleverer and are called for interview but didn't get the scholarship but it is unfair if they are cleverer but they didn't get the scholarship and they didn't been called for an interview. How unfair/cruel is that?

Besides that, do you realized that our goverment miss-used of the ISA. Based on the original function of ISA is to catch those who against Malaysia punyer ape tah.., but nowadays ISA is used to catch those who they didn't like. OMG! what happen babe?

And do you know that most of our politics playing dirty? 10/10. Unbelieveable. If one day one of you got a chance to be Prime Minister. Please i'm begging you, do correct all that jinjangmali had done. For our Malaysia! thanks.

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